Dirty Burgerz was invented in our founder Marcus Norman’s own kitchen after struggling to find a local decent quality burger. He started by experimenting with hundreds of different burger recipes, tweaking them to his own taste, resulting in the Dirty Burger format. Then came sourcing the ultimate bun, a seeded brioche variety made at our local bakers, balanced with a fluffy, soft-centered with a golden finish, with a slight sweet taste, complementing the patty perfectly. Once these basics were in place, it was time to make those ‘bad boyz’ dirty. Using all homemade sauces and several unique fillings the original Dirty Burgerz were posted on to Marcus’ own social media. They soon gained a massive following.

The concept was born into a business when Marcus was approached by a local businessman and launched as a pop-up restaurant in local pubs and using a cafe at night. It soon became apparent the popularity of the Burgerz could well be its undoing as the early business struggled to keep up with demand. Poor management led to the company deciding to cease trading.

Although the business side of things became overwhelming. Everyone agreed the food produced was amazing.

Fast forward a few months and the covid-19 pandemic had hit the UK. With all restaurants, bars and fast food outlets being forced to close. Marcus joined forces with an old friend Jamie Rogers who also had a passion for producing great food and they launched a takeaway roast dinner business together. The Gourmet Roast Company was born. The concept was simple, deliver restaurant quality Sunday roasts to customers forced to stay indoors. That Sunday lunch became to some the only meal of the week where the whole family could come together round the table and enjoy a quality meal.

With the success of the Sunday service and the positive feedback from customers. It was decided that not only would they provide the Gourmet meal delivery on a Sunday but also a more casual dining experience during the week, so it was time to bring back the Dirty Burgerz. After all, it still had a massive following on social media.

The new management style and by keeping the meals as a delivery or collection service only helped improve the business model.

A website was developed and fully contactless delivery system put in place, the menu was stripped back to the dirtiest and we think best Burgerz and sides and Lockdown 2020 seemed the perfect time to get those Dirty Burgerz back out there.

 Our aim is simple, for you to enjoy some amazing food while we all try to keep safe and get through this pandemic. We believe you won’t find a better burger and look forward to you experiencing the new and improved DIRTY BURGERZ 🍔